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Renewable Energy Dynamics

  For the application of an effective energy resource in the future, the limitation of fossil fuels is clear and the security of alternative energy sources is an important subject. Furthermore, as concerns for environmental issues, the development and application of renewable and clean new energy are strongly expected. Among others, wind energy, solar energy and ocean energy technologies are about to play a big role in a new energy field. The objective of this division is to clarify the dynamical processes in efficient wind energy utilization, efficient solar energy absorption and ocean energy utilization and to develop new energy devices based on the dynamics. We have five sections, whose activities are as follows, and a large part of us is involved in a research project on the new generation energy project of Kyushu University.

Wind energy at Noma peninsula, Kagoshima, Japan

Research Sections
mark Wind Engineering mark Renewable Energy System Engineering
mark Crystal Growth Dynamics mark Marine Environment and Energy Engineering

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