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  • 4. Protocols and Reports

4-1. Expenses

The successful applicant will be notified of the approved budget for travel expenses. Please discuss with the RIAM advisor before implementing the budget.

Please also contact your collaborators in the RIAM for the current situation regarding the COVID-19 infection.

4-2. Reports on Research Activities

The successful applicant is required to submit a research report in the prescribed form, and may be required to give a presentation at an annual meeting for reporting the results of joint research. Details of the annual meeting will be provided in the near future.

4-3. Deadline and Submission of Research Reports

(1) Aim of Reports

As joint research is one of the main activities/projects in RIAM, it is very important to share the results.

(2) Report Forms

The minimum report pages are as follows;

 “ Designated Joint Research (individual subject) ”   2 pages
 “ International Joint Research ”  2 pages
 “ Standard Joint Research ”  2 pages
 “ Research workshop ”  4 pages
 “ Early Career Joint Research ”  more than 2 pages

Notes; Reports should be A4 size (about 2,000 words per page; see below).

The title of the joint research project should be in the center of the first line.
The affiliation and name of the applicant should be on the right side of the third line, and the text should start from the fifth line. The primary member of the joint research team is given in the report and the other collaborators are omitted. For Early Career Joint Research, the report is submitted only end of the final year.

The format of the report is flexible. For example, in the case of experimental research, please write an abstract, purpose, experimental method, experimental results, discussion, and list of publications (paper, conference presentation, etc.). In addition, please attach the program of the workshop, list of participants (specify the affiliation, division, and job title), and proceedings to the report of the "Research Workshop".

(3) Submission

The deadline for submission of reports is February, 15 2023.

Submissions will be made online also. We will notify you the URL by e-mail in advance.
The name of the attached file should be the research subject number (e.g. 2022EA-1.pdf).

4-4. Publication of Research Results

A clear acknowledgment for the joint research project in RIAM is strongly recommended. An example of the acknowledgment is as follows; “This work was supported in part by the Collaborative Research Program of the Research Institute for Applied Mechanics, Kyushu University.”