Welcome to our web site.  Our research targets are understanding and control of growth dynamics and mechanism of semiconductors such as Si, SiC, GaN, AlN, InGaN and AlGaN. We investigate how silicon single crystals for LSIs and solar cells grow through large scale numerical modeling. Growth mechanisms of these materials and graphene/SiC are also studied. The crystal growth dynamics section focuses on both the MACROSCOPIC phenomena using continuum theory and the MICROSCOPIC phenomena using molecular dynamics, ab initio calculations and Monte Carlo simulation. We also perform solid source AlN solution growth and analyse the crystalline quality of the materials.

Fluid dynamics, Quantum mechanics, Molecular dinamics, Monte Carlo simulation, Solution growth

1. Dynamic simulation of temperature and impurity distributions of crystalline silicon for LSIs
and solar cells by a large scale global model.

2. Solid source AlN solution growth.

3. Global analysis of SiC solution growth and PVT.

4. Growth conditions of (In)GaAsN by DFT and thermodynamic analysis.

5. Thermal conductivity of nitride alloy and its superlattices by molecular dynamics.

6. Growth mechanisms of graphene/SiC by tight-binding method.

and so on ...