Our research fields are mainly following three areas.

East China Sea
Seasonal variations in temperature, salinity and dissolved oxygen in the East China Sea
Influence of river discharge and the three gorges dam to the marine environment in the East Asian marginal seas
Interannual salinity variation in the Tsushima Strait
Subduction of low salinity water into the Kuroshio frontal region
Observations of internal waves
Determination of vertical eddy diffusivity through the measurement of microstructure
Establishment of "Cooperative Sea"under the common understanding on the marine enviroment of the East China Sea/ Special Coordnination Funds for Promoting Science and Technology"Promotion of Cooperating Activities with Asian Nations for Science and Technology"
Japan Sea
Deep water in the Japan Sea
Near -inertial gravity waves in the deep water
Measurements of microstructure
Ariake Bay
Vertical mixing