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Lab of Ocean Circulation Dynamics

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In the Laboratory of Ocean Circulation Dynamics
we  study dynamical aspects of the ocean circulation processes through field observations
in the East Asian marginal seas.

The freshwater from the continent, such as discharge of the Changjiang, largely influences physical, chemical, and biological conditions not only in the shelf region of the East China Sea,
but also the Japan Sea through the Tsushima Strait.

We have been investigating its impacts through the observations with the Satellite-Tracking Drifters,
determination of mixing intensity using the Micro-Scale Profilers,
monitoring of temperature and salinity by a ferryboat and fisheries trap-nets, and so on.

Kyushu Uinversity
Department of Earth System Science & Techonology
Division of Ocean-Atmosphere Dynamics
Research Institute for Applied Mechanics

Last Update : December 3th, 2013