Workshop on QUEST and Related ST RF Startup and Sustainment Plasma Research

Date: February 26 - March 1, 2013
Place: QUEST 2F MeetingRoom, RIAM

26, Feb. (9:30-18:00)

Overview of QUEST & WS
9:30- Present status of QUEST experiments (Hideki Zushi)
10:00- Present Status of Plasma-Facing Surface in QUEST (Naoaki Yoshida)
10:30- Machine Tour
11:30- WS purpose and agenda (Martin Peng, Kazuaki Hanada)
12:00-13:00  Lunch
Start-up, Equilibrium, Electron and Ion Confinement
13:00- Plasma start-up by ECH/ECCD in LATE (Takashi Maekawa)
14:00- Generation and sustainment of plasma current in EBW assisted start-up in MAST (Vladimir Shevchenko)
15:00- Plasma Start-up by LHW on TST-2 (Yuichi Takase)
(10min)  Tea break
15:30- Plasma start-up by RF heating in QUEST (Kazuaki Hanada)
16:00- NSTX equilibria reconstructed by two-fluid model, relevance to new
startup plasmas (Akio Ishida)
16:30- RF-Driven Plasma Shape Reproduction in QUEST (Kazuo Nakamura)
17:00- Development of real-time equilibrium control system on QUEST (Makoto Hasegawa)
19:00-  Banquet

27, Feb. (9:00-16:30)

RF technology and diagnostics
9:00- High power 28 GHz gyrotron, transmission, and launching system on MAST (John Caughman)
9:30- EBW emission/absorption and propagation modeling (Stephanie Diem)
10:00- LH Antenna and Diagnostic Development on TST-2 (Yuichi Takase)
10:30- Tracer-encapsulated solid pellet injection as a plasma diagnostcs tool
(Naoki Tamura)
11:00- RF Heating System in QUEST (Hiroshi Idei)
11:30-15:00  Lunch
15:00- Fueling techniques for particle and edge control, and disruption
mitigation (Larry Baylor)
15:30- H2/He retention in QUEST

28, Feb. (9:00-17:00)

Group discussions/work
9:00- Suggested focus and anticipated output; formation of discussion/working groups
9:30- Group discussions/work
12:30-14:30  Lunch
Summaries of group discussions
14:30- Plasma start-up, equilibrium, electron and ion confinement
15:30- RF technology, plasma diagnosics
16:30- Heat and particle handling

1, Mar. (9:00-17:00)

Discussion of proposals for QUEST, LATE, TST-2 experiments, diagnosis, and analysis and Summary
9:00- Plasma start-up, equilibrium, electron and ion confinement
(30min)  Tea break
10:30- RF technology, plasma diagnosics
11:30- Heat and particle handling
12:00-13:30  Linch
13:30- Working sessions to produce Summary
(10min)  Tea break
15:30-17:00  Summary