Welcome to Wind Engineering Section at Kyushu University research institute for applied mechanics (RIAM). Our research interests include, problems of fluid dynamics related to wind environments such as airflow over complex terrain and urban canopy, effect of wind forces on buildings and structures, and wind energy as clean and renewable energy. As a part of the research on renewable energy source, we have developed a new wind turbine technology called "Wind Lens". Development of the wind-lens turbine has recently entered new stage which consists of two main components. They are augmentation of wind lens application to mid to large size wind turbine and utilization of the wind-lens turbines as a core part of future off-shore energy farm.

浮体式ファームの詳細説明RIAM-CONPACT社のサイトへマルチ風車の詳細説明ウィンドソーラータワーの詳細説明 レンズ風車の詳細説明 *To access TSWT Data Set page, you will need access code. Please contact Prof. Yuji Ohya at,
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