Fiscal Year Name Doctoral thesis Direction
2021Tianran LIUHigh-resolution modeling of ocean energy southwest of JapanResearch Institute for Applied Mechanics, Kyushu University
2020Haejin KIMBiological contributions to dissolved oxygen concentration in a marginal sea based on a coupled physical-biogeochemical modelKorea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology (KIOST)
2016Sooyen HanStatistical and dynamical consistency of ocean current through the East Asian straitsResearch Institute for Applied Mechanics, Kyushu University
2013Bin WANGNumerical Simulation of Lagrangian Particles Motion in the Yellow SeaCollege of Oceanography, Ho Hai University
2012Boonsoon KANGCharacteristics of High-Frequency Current Variability in the Korea/Tsushima Strait National Marine Research Institute (Busan)
2011Pavel A. FAYMANThe numerical simulation of seasonal variability of upper layer circulation in the Okhotsk SeaOregon State University
2010Kenichi FUKUDOMEThe seasonal volume transport variation of the Tsushima warm current through the Tsushima straits from 10 years of ADCP observationJapan Sea National Fisheries Research Institute,Fisheries Research Agency
2010Taekyun KIMCharacteristics of the upper layer circulation in the northern part of the East/Japan SeaNational Park Research Institute / Marine Research Center
2010Young Jin CHOIStructure of the deep mean circulation in the Japan/East Sea and its numerical modelingJapan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology(JAMSTEC)
2009Jae-Hong MOONInfluence of wind and tidal forces on the seasonal circulations in the Yellow Sea and East China SeaJet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)
2007Yuichiro SASAJIMAStructure of the Subsurface Counter Current Beneath the Tsushima Warm Current Simulated by an Ocean General Circulation ModelMitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.
2007Satoshi NAKADASeasonal circulations induced by horizontal buoyancy advection of the Tsushima warm current along the Japanese shelf bathymetryResearch Institute for Humanity and Nature
2007Sachiko YOSHIDANumerical experiments for global barotropic ocean variability induced by surface disturbancesInternational Pacific Research Center (IPRC)
2005Young-Ju KIMA study on the Japan/East Sea oceanic circulation using an extra fine resolution modelYeonhwa middle school, Korea
2004Katsumi TAKAYAMAA simulation of the transit time of the intermediate and deep layer in the Japan SeaOcean Science and Technology Integrators Co., Ltd
2004Sung Hyup YOUA numerical study of the Kuroshio system southwest of JapanGlobal Environment System Research Lab. National Institute of Meteorological Research / Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA)
2002Tetsutaro TAKIKAWAMonitoring of the Tsushima Warm Current of the Tsushima straitsNational Fisheries University
2001Hideyuki KAWAMURAFormation and circulation of the intermediate water in the Japan SeaJapan Atomic Energy Agency
1999Nagano ZENTAROA study on the current structure of the deep layer in the Japan SeaKyushu District Police Bureau
1998Hideaki HASEThe Current Structure of the Tsushima Warm Current along the Japanese CoastJapan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology(JAMSTEC)
1998Naoki HIROSEAssimilation of Satellite Altimeter Data With Circulation Models of the Japan SeaJet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)
1995Cheol-Ho KIMA Numerical Experiment Study on the Circulation of the Japan Sea (East Sea)Korea Ocean Research and Development Institute (KORDI)
1995Hyun-Chul LEEA Numerical Simulation for the Water Masses and Circulations of the Yellow Sea and the East China SeaPrinceton University

Lab of Ocean Circulation Dynamics until FY1996


Fiscal Year Name Master's thesis Direction
2020Taro MOTOSHIMAEstimation of ocean thermal energy based on a global ocean circulation modelMitsubishi Power, Ltd.
2020Atsushi TAKAHARADependance of throughflow and oscillation motion to channel topography
2019Keidai MASAKIEffect of sea surface temperature on torrential rain that occurred in Tsushima Island On September 1, 2015Kyushu Electric Power Company
2018Takuya NISHIMOTOGeneration and propagatipn of near-inertial waves in a geostrophic flow fieldCAPCOM CO., LTD.
2018Yuya UTSUMIReanalysis of velosity field in the Tsushima Straits based on the ferry ADCP dataNIPPON STEEL CORPORATION
2016Haoyu WangEstimation of Ocean Thermal Energy around Kumejima IslandMITSUBISHI MOTORS
2015Kenji FUKUNAGAEvaluation of the ocean current energy potential estimated around the Tokara Strait -Current variation reproducibility of the high-resolution model DREAMS_E-Kobe Steel,Ltd.
2014Hirochika YAMAGUCHICorrection of bathymetry data using the tidal modelMitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding
2012Alireza Sezavar Ardebili NejadNumerical modelling of barotropic response to Shamal wind in the Persian Gulf
2010Chanhyung JEONTidal modeling in the East/Japan SeaKorea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology (KIOST)
2009Kazuki SHIMADACharacteristics of temperature and salinity variability of upper layer in the Tsushima straitsEnvironmental Policy Division, Naha City
2009Kioshi MISHIROSubmesoscale current velocity variability appeared along southern coast of Korea in summerPh.D course
2008Ryosuke KOBAYASHIValidation of the number of branches in the Tsushima Warm Current based on assimilated estimatesAdvanced Technology Research Institute, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
2007Yasuhito TATSUYAMANumerical experiments on development of wind-driven ocean boundary layerKobe Steel,Ltd.
2007Takuya NAKAKOHARAA study on sub-mesoscale eddies at Camellia Line in the Tsushima straitsToyota Industries Corporation
2007Kazuya NISHIMURAStrong relationship between the Tsushima Warm Current and the Winter Precipitation in the Japan Sea RegionTakasago Research and Development Center, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, LTD.
2005Yusuke ASAA numerical study of the Kyucho around the Noto PeninsulaKobe Steel,Ltd.
2004Takuto KIKUNOShort period variations of the Tsuhima straits appeared on ultra-high resolution numerical modelApplied Technology Co., Ltd.
2003Kenichi FUKUDOMEShort period variation of volume transport in few days or less through the Tsushima straitsPh.D course
2003Yasuyuki FUJIINumerical simulation of the transport for eggs and larvae of Todarodes pacificus steenstrup (Surume-ika)Technical Development Group, Kobe Steel,Ltd.
2003Naoko MARUYAMAEstimation of Vertical Current Structure for the Oil Drift Prediction SystemHitachi, Ltd.
2003Sachiko YOSHIDAA global barotropic ocean model response to meteorological disturbancePh.D course
2002Yuichiro SASAJIMAAssimilation of intermediate float data into a barotropic shallow water modelPh.D course
2002Koji HARADAShort period variation of volume transport through the Tsushima straitsPasco Corporation
2001Kazuko ABEWind-driven circulation of the two-layer model in the Japan SeaToshiba Corporation
2001Atsushi HATAKEYAMAVertical resolution dependence of the RIAM Ocean ModelEnvironmental Information Division, Pasco Corporation
1999Shiro KAWANOA study of the high-precision tidal model in the Tsushima straitsEnvironmental technology group, Kyushu Branch, IDEA Consultants, Inc.
1999Hiroyuki NAGAISHIApplication of the Japan Sea shallow water circulation model for the oil spill trajectory simulationFujitsu Advanced Engineering Limited
1998Tetsutaro TAKIKAWAMonitoring of the Tsushima Current between Hakata and PusanPh.D course
1997Hideyuki KAWAMURAThe Japan Sea circulation during global warmingPh.D course
1997Zentaro NAGANODirect observations of current in the Japan SeaPh.D course
1997Yoichi WAKAMATSUWind-driven circulation of the two-layer model in the Japan SeaVALWAY, Overseas SI unit, NEC Soft, Ltd.
1996Masaru KAINumerical study of barotropic response to wind in the Japan Sea-Comparison with year-to-year variation and the tide level difference in the Oki StraitsSoftware Development Center, Hiraoka enterprise place, Seiko Epson Corporation
1996Teruyuki TAKADAYear-to-year variation of the surface heat flux in the Japan SeaSoftware lab Ueda, Seiko Epson Corporation
1995Takafumi ABESeasonal transport variation of the Kuroshio in Japan south coast - About the impact of wind near Japan
1995Futoshi TAKEKIYOA study of tidal current in Ariake Bay (Water exchange calculated by tidal flat model)Kyushu office, KCS Corp.
1995Hideaki HASEThe current pattern of the nearshore branches of the Tsushima Warm Current with undercurrent from the observation off Wakasa Bay in 1995Ph.D course
1994Toshiaki ABENumerical analysis of tidal current in Ariake Bay (Water exchange at Hayasaki Seto)Kyushu Branch, Japan Weather Association
1994Takashi KITAMURACurrent structure of the Japan Sea Proper Water from the direct observations of currentNumerical analysis section, Ocean Science and Technology Integrators Co., Ltd
1994Naoki HIROSEHeat budget in the neighboring seas around JapanPh.D course
1993Seiji ITIKISurface and middle layer circulation in the Japan Sea.Construction Division, Kurume civil engineering office, Fukuoka Prefecture
1993Rinnosuke OGAA study about convection of winter in the Japan Sea.
1993Ken SHIOHARAA basic study about the antarctic circumpolar currentEast Japan Technology Department, Comprehensive Environmental Center, Pasco Corporation
1993Kenichi MIZOGUCHISeasonal variation in the North Pacific (Seasonal variation of the volume transport and path of the Kuroshio in East China Sea)
1992Kosaku TAKAGIStudy for the mechanism of the separation of the Western Boundary Current (About the influence of the density stratification and horizontal diffusion)Kyushu consultant unit, Asia Air Survey co.,ltd.

Lab of Ocean Circulation Dynamics until FY1996

Former Staff

Year PosisionNameNew address
2012 - 2020Post-doctoral Fellow Katsumi TAKAYAMA
IDEA Consultants, Inc.
2017 - 2018Post-doctoral Fellow Ning ZHAO
  Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) 
2018 - 2018Technical Support StaffHaejin KIM
 Department of Earth System Science & Techonology Division of Ocean-Atmosphere Dynamics, RIAM 
2016 - 2017Post-doctoral Fellow Sooyeon Han
 Laboratoire d'Etudes en Géophysique et Océanographie Spatiales (LEGOS) 
2013 - 2016Technical Support StaffMayumi Miyamoto
 expiration of the time limit 
2013 - 2016Research Assistant ProfessorBin WANG
 College of Oceanography, Ho Hai University China
2013 - 2016Post-doctoral FellowBoonsoon KANG
 National Marine Research Institute (Busan) Korea 
1990 - 2012ProfessorJong-Hwan Yoon
 Professor emeritus, Ocean Science Technology Integrators, director 
2010 - 2012Post-doctoral FellowKenichi FUKUDOME
 National Institute of Technology, Toyama College
2009 - 2012Post-doctoral FellowJae-Hong MOON
 Jeju National University, Korea 
1997 - 2000
2006 - 2008
Associate Professor
Research Professor
Sergey Varlamov
2007 - 2008Post-doctoral FellowNina Dashko
 expiration of the time limit 
2009 - 2010
Assistant Technician
Lecturer/Associate Professor
Taekyun Kim
 Meteorological Agency, Korea
2007 - 2008Assistant TechnicianYoung Jin CHOI
2005 Technical Support StaffPavel Fayman
 Oregon State University, USA 
2005 - 2007Assistant TechnicianMitsuko Isoo
 expiration of the time limit 
2004 - 2009Postdoctoral researcherKatsumi Takayama
 Japan Sea National Fisheries Research Institute,Fisheries Research Agency 
2003 - 2004Administrative AssistantKazumi Matsuoka
 expiration of the time limit 
2002 - 2005Research FellowKuk Jin Kim
 Ocean Research and Strategy Corp., Korea
2001 - 2002Post-doctoral FellowHideyuki Kawamura
 Japan Atomic Energy Agency
2000 - 2002Post-doctoral FellowHojin Lee
 Korea Maritime and Ocean University, Korea 
1998 - 2000Post-doctoral FellowKwang-woo Cho
 Korea Environment Institute, Korea