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Center for Oceanic and Atmospheric Research

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Center for Oceanic and Atmospheric Research

This center was established in succession to the Center for East Asian Ocean-Atmosphere Research and toward assessing the impacts of East Asia on the Asia-Pacific and global environment. Interdisciplinary studies based on ocean dynamics and atmospheric sciences will be conducted, which include development of oceanic data assimilation system, elucidation of oceanic pollution due to micro-plastics, and assessments of climate change and environmental impacts due to atmospheric aerosols. Research achievements will be actively disseminated and shared with the public.

Ocean Dynamics

[ Professor ] ISOBE Atsuhiko   [ Assistant Professor ] UEHARA Katsuto

Ocean Dynamics 

Ocean Dynamics

Climate Change Science

[ Professor ] TAKEMURA Toshihiko

Climate Change Science  Climate Change Science 

Climate Change Science

Ocean Modeling

[ Professor ] HIROSE Naoki   [ Assistant Professor ] ONUKI Yohei

Ocean Modeling  Ocean Modeling

Ocean Processes

[ Associate Professor ] KIDA Shinichiro

Ocean Processes  Ocean Processes

Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences

[ Associate Professor ] EGUCHI Nawo

Atmospheric Physics

[ Professor ] OKAMOTO Hajime (*)   [ Assistant Professor ] SATO Kaori (*)

Atmospheric Environment Modeling

[ Professor ] YUMIMOTO Keiya (*)   [ Assistant Professor ] HARA Yukari (*)

Atmospheric Dynamics

[ Associate Professor ] YAMAMOTO Masaru (*)


(*) : adjunct