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Adopted Joint Researches for 2013

Nuclear Fusion Dynamics

Research Title / Applicant(University or Institute) / RIAM Attendant
No. 1 Effects of tansmutant helium on the microstructure of fusion reactor structural materials
 ODETTE, George, Robert (University of California Santa Barbara)
No. 2 Towards high mode purity in ECRH transmission lines for ITERR
 KASPAREK, Walter, Hermann
  (Institute of Interfacial Process Eng. and Plasma Tech., University Stuttgart)
 IDEI, Hiroshi
No. 3 Joint study of confinement plasma on different divertor plasma shape and related egde turbulence transport in steady state operation (SSO) plasmas on QUEST and EAST
 GAO, Xiang (Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
 HANADA, Kazuaki
No. 4 Develop and improve EFIT code of tha plasma equilibrium reconstruction for SSO operation and advanced physical study on QUEST
 QIAN, Jinping (Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
 HANADA, Kazuaki
No. 5 Collaborative research on QUEST- EBW current drive with divertor, wall and recycling control
 PENG, Yueng-Kay, Martin (Oak Ridge National Laboratory, UT-Battelle)
 HANADA, Kazuaki
No. 6 Feasibility study for solenoid-less plasma start-up capability in quest using transient coaxial helicity injection
 RAMAN, Roger (University of Washington)
 HANADA, Kazuaki
No. 7 Thermal emission measurements with phased array technique
 SHEVCHENKO, Vladimir (Culham Science Centre)
 IDEI, Hiroshi


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