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Encouragement of Joint-use Research Projects

Based on the research projects of our own initiative, we are actively encouraging joint-use researches with other universities, and the research institutes of the Ministry of Education and other government agencies, serving as a hub of academic network of applied academics. Local governments and private corporations are also among our partners of the joint-use research.

International Exchange -Enhancement of the International and Domestic Academic Network-

We promote international joint-use researches in the field of ocean-atmosphere preservation and new energy development in East Asia and also implement a variety of activities including the hosting of international conferences and academic exchanges. Currently, we are strongly encouraging research collaborations with major institutions of the US, China, Korea, Russia and France, based on the academic exchange agreements. Besides such international exchanges, we are intending to enhance academic networking through organizing workshops at home and abroad, and inviting and dispatching researchers, with the support of available funds including COE fund, the director leadership assistance fund, commissioned scholarship fund, competitive research fund of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science and Japan Science and Technology Agency.


Based on the proposals from the Management Committee and the Collaborating Research Committee, we are conducting collaborative researches in an effort to achieve more effective joint-use. In carrying out such researches, we take into account the balance between the initiative of the Institute and that of outside agencies, continuous organization of unique and original workshops, and the development of research projects in new interdisciplinary fields. The budget increase is the key task in achieving all these.

Research Funds

The director takes a leadership to help the Institute acquire various competitive research funds including academic research aid of the Ministry of Education and the research project funds of other governmental agencies. Along with the pursuit of academic achievements on individual research subjects, the publication of such achievements shall be encouraged by using every opportunity.


The members of the Institute are engaged in graduate school education as faculty members of the Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering Sciences and the Graduate School of Engineering. We are committed to the education of young researchers both at home and abroad and trying to utilize various systems including the recruitment of adjunct researchers, the application for Research Fellowship for Young Scientists, Fellowship for Foreign Researchers and Contract Training Program of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. We are also strongly involved in the promotion of young researchers in Asia through such activities as the organization of Asian Science Seminar held in October, 2000.

Cooperation with Society

We are pursuing the cooperation with society through the collaborative researches with businesses, commissioned researches from local governments and the dispatching of researchers to various councils.

Publicity and Information Disclosure

We are publishing Reports (bi-annually), Technical Reports (annually), Catalogue (biyearly) and the pamphlets of the Institute and the Adjunct Institute Center written both in Japanese and English (biyearly). Besides these, we are prepared to disclose on our website such the information as education and cooperation with society, as well as various documents including the Institute regulations, the conference minutes of faculty and staff meetings.