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 At present, RIAM is composed of 3 Research Divisions, 3 Research Centers, Technical Services and Service Sections. In April 2004, all academic staffs (Professors, Associate Professors and Research Associates) made 5-year term contracts; their assignment is to be revised for every 5 years.


Renewable Energy Dynamics Wind Engineering Crystal Growth Dynamics Renewable Energy Materials Engineering Marine Environment and Energy Engineering Earth Environment Dynamics Atmospheric Environment Modeling Regional Oceanography Synoptic Oceanography Atmospheric Physics Ocean Engineering Nonlinear Dynamics Nuclear Fusion Dynamics High Energy Plasma Physics Nuclear Fusion Simulation Plasma Surface Interaction Advanced Nuclear Material COAR Ocean Dynamics Climate Change Science Ocean Modeling Atmospheric Environment Modeling Atmospheric Physics Advanced Fusion Research Center High Temperature Plasma Sciences High Temperature Plasma Diagnostics High Temperature Plasma Control Plasma-Wall Interaction for High Temperature Plasmas Material Science for High Temperature Plasmas Plasma Diagnostics Renewable Energy Dynamics Renewable Energy Integrated Utilization Energy Conversion Engineering Renewable Energy System Engineering Crystal Growth Dynamics Marine Environment and Energy Engineering Technical Service the Director