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the Director(H28-)

 The Research Institute for Applied Mechanics (RIAM) was established in Kyushu University in 1951 by combining two institutes; The Research Institute for Fluid Engineering founded in 1942 and the Research Institute for Elasticity Engineering founded in 1943. RIAM originally consisted of six sections in the fields of fluid and solid mechanics. By 1987 it had expanded to have fifteen sections and two research facilities, adding sections in ocean engineering, physical oceanography and high-energy mechanics. Research projects for ocean measurements and nuclear fusion reactors conducted since 1970’ s achieved high recognition, and have since then characterized RIAM.

 In 1997 RIAM was reorganized to be an inter-university jointresearch institute. In 2004 Kyushu University became independent as a National University Cooperation. The aim of RIAM is declared to be “theoretical and applied studies in dynamics”. RIAM carried out the most advanced studies on these topics and provided high quality research products by collaborating with scientists all over the world. It also undertook research projects on the earth environment and energy issues, which are crucial for human beings in 21st century. Since 2015, RIAM has been restructured to consist of three divisions (Division of Renewable Energy Dynamics, Division of Earth Environment Dynamics, Division of Nuclear Fusion Dynamics) to develop the academic basis, and three research centers (Renewable Energy Center, Center for East Asian Ocean- Atmosphere Research, Advanced Fusion Research Center) to aim toward practical use of the academic basis. Since 2017, Center for East Asian Ocean- Atmosphere Research and Advanced Fusion Research Center have re-organaized to Center for Oceanic and Atmospheric Research and Advanced Fusion Research Center to further advance the research activities, respectively. The academic staffs in the Institute participate in education through the Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering Sciences and the Graduate School of Engineering, Kyushu University.

 RIAM was designated to be the inter-university joint-research institute for applied mechanics since 2010, and has been promoting the collaborative activities. Since 2011, RIAM has established the international joint research to activate international cooperation. Since 2017, RIAM has established the Early Career Joint Research to provide career development opportunities through collaborative researches for young researchers.

 From now, RIAM will drive forward the domestic and international collaborative activities and aspire to assuming an international research hub in the promoting research fields. RIAM will enhance the partnerships in Kyushu University to respond to social requests and advance the contribution to society.

HANADA Kazuaki,
Director of the Research Institute for Applied Mechanics