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[ International Workshop ]

Mixing and Water Mass Modification in the East Asian Marginal Seas

February 13, 2017
W601 in Research Institute for Applied Mechanics, Kyushu University (Kasuga, Fukuoka, Japan)
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 Water mass modification as a result of oceanic mixing is one of important factors controlling biogeochemical conditions in the ocean. Marginal seas in the East Asia such as the Yellow, East China and Japan/East Seas are rapidly changing due to natural and anthropogenic multi-timescale variations. The aim of this workshop is to promote studies on the mixing and water mass modification processes in the East Asian area through exchange scientific information. We welcome not only observational and modeling studies about physical processes of the water mass modification, but also about mixing effects on the biogeochemical conditions in the oceans.
10:00 ~ 10:05
Opening address
Hong-Ryeol Shin (Kongju National Univ.)
Chair: Hong-Ryeol Shin

10:05 ~ 10:35
Enhanced turbulence observed in the East China Sea shelf
Jae Hak Lee (KIOST), Chang Su Hong (KIOST) and Gyu Nam Baek (KIOST)
10:35 ~ 11:05
Budget of nutrients and biogenic particles for upper and lower layers of the East China Sea
Yucheng Wang (Ehime Univ.), Xinyu Guo (Ehime Univ.) and Liang Zhao (Tianjin Univ. Sci. Tech.)
11:05 ~ 11:20
Coffee Break
11:20 ~ 11:50
Water exchange across isobaths over the continental shelf of the East China Sea
Jing Zhang (Ehime Univ.), Xinyu Guo (Ehime Univ.), Liang Zhao (Tianjin Univ. Sci. Tech.) and Yasumasa Miyazawa (JAMSTEC)
11:50 ~ 12:20
Studies on turbulent mixing and tidal currents in Ariake Sea
Eisuke Tsutsumi (Kyushu Univ.) and Takeshi Matsuno (Kyushu Univ.)
12:20 ~ 14:00
Chair: Jae Hak Lee

14:00 ~ 14:30
Trends the appearance of coastal upwelling along the eastern coast of Korea during last a few years
In-Seong Han (NIFS) and Sang-Hyun Kim (Cheju National Univ.)
14:30 ~ 15:00
Seaonal characteristics of the circulation in the East/Japan Sea depending on sea surface heat flux
Daehyuk Kim (Kongju National Univ.), Hong-Ryeol Shin (Kongju National Univ.), Cheol-Ho Kim (KIOST) and Naoki Hirose (Kyushu Univ.)
15:00 ~ 15:15
Coffee Break
15:15 ~ 15:45
Evaluation of vertical eddy diffusivity in the abyssal Japan/East Sea based on the one-dimensional advection-diffusion model in temperature and 14C profiles
Tomoharu Senjyu (Kyushu Univ.) and Takafumi Aramaki (NIES)
15:45 ~ 16:15
Development of northeast Asian seas regional climatology by quality control of temperature and salinity data from the World Ocean Database
Joon-Soo Lee (NIFS)
Chair: Tomoharu Senjyu

16:15 ~ 17:00