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Preface, Director(2020-)

The Research Institute for Applied Mechanics (RIAM) conducts researches about mechanics and its applications related to scientifically important problems to be solved for the modern society. RIAM has been recognized to play a leading role to advance the fields of the Earth environmental science and energy by the international communities.

RIAM originated in 1951 by merging Research Institute for Fluid Engineering founded in 1942 and Research Institute for Elasticity Engineering founded in 1943. Main scopes of RIAM were to proceed fluid mechanics and mechanics of elasticity at that time. After several re-organizations, RIAM has its current form in 2022. RIAM consists of three divisions and four research centers. The three divisions (Division of Nuclear Fusion Dynamics, Division of Renewable Energy Dynamics and Division of Earth Environment Dynamics) are devoting to creation of academic basis. The four research centers (Advanced Fusion Research Center, Renewable Energy Center, Center for Oceanic and Atmospheric Research and Center for Ocean Plastic Studies as our first international research base) are devoted to practical applications of the academic basis.

RIAM conducts basic researches, application studies and large research projects in the fields of the nuclear fusion dynamics/plasma physics, renewable energy dynamics and earth environment dynamics where science and engineering are integrated. In addition, RIAM has been promoting the international and domestic collaborative activities as the inter-university joint-research institute. We offer several experimental facilities as well as skills about sensing, satellite analyses, numerical models, and super computer.

Members of RIAM participate in the education through the Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering Sciences and the Graduate School of Engineering, Kyushu University in order to produce next-generation young scientists.

RIAM will conduct the research activities as a leading international research institute in collaboration with domestic and international institutes and universities to tackle the important issues.

Director of the Research Institute for Applied Mechanics