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Announcement for Joint Research Proposals

The Research Institute for Applied Mechanics (RIAM)
Announcement for Joint Research Proposals at the Joint Usage / Research Centers
for Applied Mechanics for 2024

Thank you for submitting applications for Joint Research in RIAM, 2024.

The Research Institute for Applied Mechanics (RIAM) was reorganized to promote "theoretical and applied studies in dynamics" as a nationwide joint-use institute in 1997. On April 2010, RIAM was declared a Joint Usage / Research Center for Applied Mechanics in Japan, and in April 2016 RIAM was approved for the lasting activities. Joint research is one of the most important research activities for RIAM and is being promoted through close coordination with other research activities in RIAM.

The Joint research program in RIAM was restructured into the three research fields of "Earth Environment Dynamics", "Nuclear Fusion Dynamics" and "Renewable Energy Dynamics" in 2010. It started with applicant-proposed joint research activities; "Standard Joint Research", and "Designated Joint Research" was established in 2003 as RIAM-promoted joint research activities. And "International Joint Research" was established in 2011 to promote international joint research activities by foreign registered delegates. And "Early Career Joint Research" have been established in 2017 for researchers for part–time position or students on doctoral course. "Cross-Disciplinary" research and "International" research were added in "Designated Joint Research", and holding "Research Workshop" was also added in 2019.

From 2022, in order to further promote the "cross-disciplinary" and "International" researches we will

  1. All joint research programs (Designated Joint Research, International Joint Research, Early Career Joint Research, Standard Joint Research, and Research Workshop) will include "cross-disciplinary" research that covers more than one field.

  2. Japanese nationals living abroad can apply for the "International Joint Research".

As for nuclear fusion dynamics, the subjects for Joint Usage / Research are focused on plasma physics and fundamental material science, not combined with the bilateral collaborations of nuclear fusion research.

Collaborators are required to promote the joint research with researchers in the RIAM. Here, the representative of researchers in the RIAM is called as “RIAM advisor”. Each application will be reviewed by a Board for Joint Research at the Joint Usage / Research Centers for Applied Mechanics. It should be noted that the deadline for all applications is January 15, 2024. Please contact the RIAM advisor or refer to the following sections for further details on submitting applications. The accepted applicant is required to submit a research report and clear acknowledgment for the joint research project in RIAM.

    • 1-1. Designated Joint Research
    • 1-2. International Joint Research
    • 1-3. Early Career Joint Research
    • 1-4. Standard Joint Research
    • 1-5. Research Workshops
    • 2-1. Designated Joint Research
    • 2-2. Earth Environment Dynamics
    • 2-3. Nuclear Fusion Dynamics
    • 2-4. Renewable Energy Dynamics
    • 2-5. Cross-Disciplinary
    • 3-1. Requirements
    • 3-2. Application Forms
    • 3-3. How to submit an application
    • 3-4. Deadline
    • 3-5. Selection and Notification
    • 3-6. Contacts
    • 4-1. Expenses
    • 4-2. Reports on Research Activities
    • 4-3. Deadline and Submission of Research Reports
    • 4-4. Publication of Research Results
    • 5-1. Earth Environment Dynamics
    • 5-2. Nuclear Fusion Dynamics
    • 5-3. Renewable Energy Dynamics
    • 5-4. Mutual Equipment

Flow from Application to Report

Process Date Charge Contents
1 Before the Application ~ Early/Jan. RIAM Advisor Get in touch with your representative RIAM Advisor in advance.
2 Application Dec. ~ Mid/Jan. RIAM Office Submission of application documents.
3 Screening Mid/Mar. ~ End/Mar. Screening by the RIAM Joint Research Committee, Steering Committee.
4 Adoption Beginning/Apr. RIAM Office Travel and research expenses will be allocated and notified to the research representative.
* The adopter must submit a written pledge from the head of the application body.
5 Start of Research Beginning/Apr. ~    
Budget execution deadline End/Mar. RIAM Advisor
6 Submission of the Achievement list End/Jan.
RIAM Advisor, RIAM Office  
7 Submission of the Report Feb. 14
RIAM Advisor, RIAM Office  

Attached Documents

 Excel Application form for Designated Joint Research 2024, RIAM(Form 1)

 Excel Application form for International Joint Research 2024, RIAM(Form 2)

 Excel Application form for Early Career Joint Research 2024, RIAM(Form 3)

 Excel Application form for Standard Joint Research 2024, RIAM(Form 4)

 Excel Application form for Research Workshop 2024, RIAM(Form 5)

Submitted Documents

  ExcelAchievement List for Joint Research 2024, RIAM

  WordReport Summary for Joint Research 2024, RIAM


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