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3-1. Requirements

 Applicants are expected to belong to national, public, and private universities, national, public, and private research institutes or Japanese agencies are to be comparable researchers. Delegates for international joint research projects must be foreign national applicants residing abroad.

3-2. Application Forms

 Before submitting application forms, applicants should read this Announcement carefully and contact a RIAM attendant to discuss research subjects and contents. During the review period, the RIAM attendant can consult with the applicant (usually the representative person for each subject). When applicants have difficulty finding an appropriate RIAM attendant, please first ask the representative RIAM attendant of each division (refer to Section 3-5.).

Application forms are as follows;

Notes (for Form 1-4);
  1. The “ * ” symbol means to leave blank.
  2. Applicants should at least note the appropriate division on Forms 2 and 3. Applicants can note all divisions that apply.
  3. Applicants should include the name of the RIAM attendant.
  4. Applicants should clearly describe the role-sharing arrangements for previously confirmed collaborators.

3-3. Deadline and Address for Submissions

 The deadline for receiving applications is February 28 2019.

 All application forms are to be sent to both the RIAM attendant and to the RIAM office by e-mail with attachments. For more information, contact the RIAM Office.

Phone : +81-92-583-7701, 7702   

3-4. Selection and Notification

 The Board for Joint Research at the Joint Usage / Research Centers for Applied Mechanics will make selections based on the applications as well as both the budget limit and the run-time of equipment. Applications in the category of International Joint Research are first reviewed by the steering committee at RIAM in terms of how they contribute to the globalization of joint research. Reports of the review will be submitted to the Board for Joint Research at the Joint Usage / Research Centers for Applied Mechanics for reference purposes.

 As a guide for applicants, the total number of all approved research subjects (sub-subjects of Designated Joint Research, Standard Joint Research, and Research Workshops) was 132 in 2018. The total budget for expenses for the researchers is 6,691,000 JPY, and the total budget for travel is 13,160,000 JPY. In addition, there were 25 international joint research projects with a total budget of 7,150,000 JPY.

3-5. Contacts

 Please discuss arrangements for research subjects, detailed contents, starting times and other matters with the representative RIAM attendant for each division or the RIAM attendant for your subject. The division attendants’ names are as follows;

Division Name Phone Mail
Earth Environment Dynamics Yoshinobu Wakata, Professor +81-92-583-7240
Nuclear Fusion Dynamics Akihide Fujisawa, Professor +81-92-583-7709
Renewable Energy Dynamics Changhong Hu, Professor +81-92-583-7746